Our Vision

One day every child of the region will have access to quality education which drives individual ownership of the world around them.

Who Are we.

The Teach For North East Fellowship is an opportunity for all who believe that every child deserves an education that helps them bring out their truest self to serve the world better. The North East of India has been marred with years of conflict and one of the results of that is a failing education system.

As the future of all lie with our children, this is a call to all individuals who are ready to immerse in a two-year understanding of ground realities in the North East, while they try to bridge learning gaps and work towards excellent student outcomes and transforming schools. Our Fellows will be those who walk in ready to do all that they need to, to learn and work towards our goals – towards our children and towards the region.

As alumni, they will be equipped as reflective leaders who take ownership of the world around them. It is our intention to build a network of people invested in the North East. Our fellows will be assets of positive change and compassionate work wherever they go.