Who We Are

The Teach For North East Fellowship is an opportunity for all who believe that every child deserves an education that helps them bring out their truest self to serve the world better. The North East of India has been marred with years of conflict and one of the results of that is a failing education system.

As the future of all lie with our children, this is a call to all individuals who are ready to immerse in a two-year understanding of ground realities in the North East, while they try to bridge learning gaps and work towards excellent student outcomes and transforming schools. Our Fellows will be those who walk in ready to do all that they need to, to learn and work towards our goals – towards our children and towards the region.

Who Are we looking for?

Our Fellows will be full time teachers in Government Schools of Manipur. They will also be full time learners, researchers, trainers, community mobilizers and all else that their children will require them to be. We value diversity, a thirst for learning and individuals who will build self and others to invest their efforts in regions and causes that need their hands and heads and hearts.

This is a call to the very brave, to the ones who are ready to commit themselves for two years to transform the lives of children and communities through working fulltime with your head, hands and heart.

Minimum Qualification – Graduate
Stipend – Rs 15,000 per month

Are you ready to be the change?